The real Nungwi: music, Masai and village life

A quick-quick and uncomfy-uncomfy dalla dalla takes us to Nungwi and we are shocked…
Where are the famous Italian resorts? Where are the tourists wearing bikinis and flip-flops?
We are in the middle of a tiny little village, with stone houses, small food shops, palms trees and unpaved roads… did we get on the wrong dalla dalla?

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Suddenly we notice some signs inviting people to respect the local culture wearing a bikini only on the beach!

We are definitely in the right place and the atmosphere is amazing…  even this part of the isle (which is considered the most touristic)has kept its authentic culture.

Our initial positive impression is confirmed by an unexpected event: a parade of young guys, dancing on the notes of rhythmic music! Don’t know what it is, but it’s really engaging!

We keep walking down the unpaved streets, passing by a football field and a nursery, and we reach the stunning white sandy beach… our attention is attracted by a colourful figure walking slowly and carrying a stick: he is a Masai.

We find out that young Masais leave their home villages, located in desolated areas of Tanzania, to move to the coast or to the islands in order to sell their products: mainly bracelets and small handcrafted objects.

Did you know that to marry a woman a young Masai has to give her family a few goats, chickens and other small presents? He really needs to sell many bracelets to avoid remaining single!

Nungwi was for us a lovely discovery: there are resorts, cafes serving European food and tourists wearing bikinis… but if you explore just a bit, you’ll be able to find your desolated area on the beach or to taste the real local cuisine in small restaurants (we tried Mama Africa and the food was lovely).



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