Taj Mahal – India: the story of a symmetrical love

Taj Mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the 7 wonders of the modern world.

It’s what you can call the perfect monument: architectural expertise, symmetry, romantic meaning… there is nothing missing!

Are you nervous when a picture is crooked and you can’t wait to straighten it?
Does it bother you if on a shelf there’s not the same amount of books on the left and on the right side?
Then the Taj Mahal is no doubt the perfect monument for you!
So perfect in its quest for symmetry!
Just click on the video below to live the symmetry and the majesty of the Taj Mahal!
taj mahal india agra

It is located in Agra, about 3 hours by train from Delhi.
We chose to sleep in one of the many guesthouses in the Kaserat bazaar area so that we could reach it comfortably on foot.
**** WARNING: the Taj is closed on Friday ****
Following everyone’s advices, we visit it in the morning at dawn! From the queue at the west gate (the south gate opens at 8 am) we realize that many have listened to the same advice.
The Tourist Ticket costs 1000 rupees and includes a bottle of water and shoes cover. Definitely not an high price considering this is one of the 7 wonders of the world!
After passing the controls and surviving the monkeys that climb on the metal detectors, we go inside.
It’s hard to find words to describe it.
taj mahal india agra

Taj Mahal is exactly like in photos: the white and perfect mausoleum in the middle, facing a huge garden with fountains and on the sides two red sandstone buildings, the mosque on the left and for symmetry an identical building on the right.
The symmetry was the obsession of Emperor Mughal Shah Jahan who wanted the construction of the Taj in loving memory of his favourite wife, who died giving birth to the 5th child!
Taj Mahal was built on two foundations: love and search for symmetry!
If only the emperor knew it was his grave that ruined the symmetry! (It is placed next to his wife’s grave which is in the centre of the building!)

taj mahal india agra

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