One day in Puno, the peruvian door to Lake Titicaca

Puno is famous for its Lake Titicaca, but it’s also an authentic village only slightly touched by the tourism.
Here what to visit in Puno while fighting against the famous altitude sickness.
Lake Titicaca… at school “Titicaca” – cacca in italian means “shit”! – was always a good reason for a laugh with your mates.
But today, a big dream came true!!

Because lake Titicaca is one of Peru’s big highlights.
And Puno. which is easy to reach by  bus from Arequipa or Cuzco (“only” 6/8 hours), is perfect to explore the lake.

Ok but, what else to see in Puno?
The arrival is shocking: the famous altitude sickness is really strong here, at 3800 meters high! (Read HERE our experience with altitude sickness)
We start exploring the city from its fantastic market (our visit to Puno market HERE) and keep walking till the main Plaza de Armas with its cathedral and the nice streets of the historic city centre.
After some research, we find a clean and tidy double room near the main square (Posada del Qolla – price: 45 soles – 12.00€ per night). Here we can leave our backpacks and rest a bit.
It’s time to start looking for a place for lunch. Having lunch in Puno is easy: it’s full of every kind of restaurants… Some of them too “touristy” for us!
We stop in a small place in a tiny road: 3 out of  the 6 tables are occupied by local people. A blackboard outside with the menu of the day draw our attention: guacamole and nachos, soup, chicken and chips as main dish, fruit jelly as dessert and a fresh passion fruit juice (total 8 soles per person: 2.20€).

We want to visit the lake the next day (Read the post about our boat trip to lake Titicaca), so we decide to go to the harbour to get some information about independent tours.  Our “italianish” is improving and we are able to establish nice conversations with random people offering any kind of tours and with some kind peruvian women.
We can’t resist buying 2 colourful and funny hats (after some negotiation 16 soles/4.40€ both).
Going back to the city centre, we stop at the main square where, tired, we wait for dinner time.
Waiting for us, 1/8 of chicken, with chips and salad (price: 10-12 soles: circa 3€)!


2/3 days

(including the lake tour)

12€ circa/giorno

(including 1 night in a double room and 2 meals)


(without altitude sickness!)

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