Animals in India: The monkey temple of Galta – Jaipur

Animals in India are really everywhere: dogs, goats, cows.
But what intrigues and amuses the most are the monkeys.

They are so similar to the man to have even their own swimming pool!!

Below a video that shows monkeys jumping and gives you the chance to have a look at the whole “Monkey temple”!

tempio scimmie india jaipur

It’s the monkey temple in Galta.
The monkey temple can be reached on foot (about 1 hour) or in tuk tuk from downtown Jaipur, the red city.
As you approach the monkey temple, traffic becomes more and more distant, and the noise of the horns leaves room to the goats bleating, some cows mooing and the thuds of monkeys falling from the roofs of the houses.
You’ll see first the Temple of the Sun, a small temple offering an amazing view over the entire Jaipur. From here, the road continues with trees and tranquility.

At the end of the path, there are two spurs of rock and set there a true jewel: the temple of Galta.
In this complex there are 3 sacred baths that are said to be “different elephants” deep.

The first, the one closest to the two main temples, is reserved to women who, removed the colorful veils of their sari, immerse themselves in the holy water. To keep them company, some quiet monkeys watching and walking on the edge of the pool.

tempio scimmie monkey temple india jaipur

The second pool is far more chaotic and is reserved for men. A mix between a sacred bath and a swimming pool, where men dive while laughing and shouting.
tempio scimmie india jaipur
The third, the smaller one, is a little detached from the other two and seems to be reserved just to them: the monkeys!! 🙂
They’re the real local stars and they seem to have lot of fun jumping into water from rooftops and walls.
It’ s soo funny to see them! And it’s hot that we are all a bit envious!

tempio scimmie monkey india jaipur

This is truly a mystical place: it could be for the location, or for the unusual silence, or for the bright colours of women’s sari and the greenish water of the scared baths, or maybe monkeys, funny, wild and definitely protagonists of the scenes!

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