Food in Myanmar (Burma): what and where to eat – from breakfast to dinner (snack included!)

Burma, mysterious country, ancient pagodas, Golden Buddha and barefoot monks.
Yeah, but the food?
What do you eat in Burma after you climb a pagoda to see the sun rise?
What do you eat after seeing fishermen balance on their boats?
What do you eat after seeing the sunset on the longest teak bridge in the world?


Before visiting this extraordinary Country, we really had no idea.
Now, after we’ve been there for a month, we can say that we have tasted and known Burma’s cuisine… the fact that at the end of the journey we are fattened sais everything! 🙂
This is our experience with Burmese cuisine.

food in myanmar
Noodles soup

Food in Myanmar (Burma) what to eat for breakfast

In Burma, breakfast is a serious matter.
Considered one of the main meals of the day, you can do it in two versions, sweet or salty.
Who like us is used to waking up with coffee and something sweet will not be disappointed.
In the numerous tea houses in Burma you can enjoy excellent sweet and enriched tea with fermented milk (similar to that served in India). Or the ubiquitous coffee mix: A 3 in 1 coffee+milk+sugar drink (in some cases they will bring you just a sachet to melt in hot water). Everything to be accompanied with delicious pancakes Ei Kyar Kway, or with sweets stuffed with coconut (Similar to fried doughnuts), or with a paratha sprinkled with sugar or served with chickpeas.
Of course, everything should be eaten while sitting on children’s chairs.

food in myanmar
Ei Kyar Kway with coffee mix

If you prefer to start the day with a salty breakfast, mohinga is perfect for you!

It is a soup made with fish broth and noodles, served with some kind of crispy cracker… described so it seems not as inviting as breakfast, actually in Burma the mohinga is greatly and it’s considered the national dish.
Even the chapati of the Indian cuisine are a very popular food to start the day in Burma.
As well as fried eggs together rice or toast (definitely more western as choice).

food in myanmar

Food in Myanmar (Burma): what to eat for lunch and dinner

The dishes of Burmese cuisine are very varied and not only are different from region to region but also reflect influences from other countries such as India and China.
The burmese curry is definitely a must to try.
You can choose between meat, fish or vegetables to eat white rice. Curry is usually very oily because the cooking process requires the ingredients to be cooked until the oil separates from the rest of the sauce.
At the table, however, in addition to the chosen curry, will be served also other small saucers. The number varies according to the restaurant but it is never less than 3, plus soup.
There is a dish that contains raw vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, aubergines and various herbs. Then there are saucers with spicy and spicy sauces.
Then those containing a kind of “Pate” of corn or soya beans or onions or eggplant, often prepared with a slightly sour fish sauce. And then spinach, pickled bamboo, tomatoes. Indeed a feast for a price starting from 1500 Kyat (1 EURO).

food in myanmar
Burmese curry

On top of the curry, for lunch or for dinner (but also for snack) you can enjoy yourself with excellent sauteed noodles with vegetables and chicken, or with rich soup, maybe with an egg inside.
A dish that is halfway between the two things is the Shan noodles salad.
These are thin rice noodles served with vegetables, sesame and crispy peanuts in the “dry” version or with a slightly bittersweet broth. We loved them! 😋

cibo in birmania
shan noodles salad

If you like salads, in Myanmar you won’t be disappointed.

Always served with something cruncy, like sesame seeds or peanuts.
The Tea leaves salad is the national dish. Prepared with marinated tea leaves, it’s better to avoid it in the evening because all that tea doesn’t help to sleep!
And who knows that in Burma we would have found a delicious tomatoes and onions salad?
Or a spinach salad? Or a lime salad? All of them fresh and delicious.

For those who loves streetfood, in Burma you’ll find a great selection of skewers.
They put everything on a stick, so better asking before trying. 🙂

food in myanmar

Food in Myanmar: sweets and snacks

The protagonist of the Burmese sweets is definitely coconut.
It is found in various cupcakes, but also along with red beans in the mote, in coils.
Coconut is also used in Falooda, a eat and drink made with pink syrup, sweet basil, small fruit jellies in the form of vermicelli and milk. Often served with a ball of ice cream, it is a very refreshing dessert.
Another sweet really appreciated in Burma is the htamanè. Very similar to the sticky rice popular in Thailand, the Burmese version has a very dark color, close to black, because it’s made with purple rice (nga cheik).

cibo in birmania

We were really surprised by the burmese cuisine as we didn’t expect such a variety.

Definitely another reason to visit Myanmar!

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