The Oriental-looking Stone Town: Freddie and Mr Nutella

We arrive in Stone Town with the ferry from Dar Es Salam and we immediately get a great welcome.
Outside the harbour, hundreds of people try to draw our attention to sell taxi services, hotels rooms, restaurants…  but we decide to explore the city by ourselves and we are suddenly surrounded by its colours and a strong scent of spices.
Stone Town’s narrow streets, full of souvenir shops, are really charming.

Obviously, we get lost but this ends up being one of the nicest adventure ever. In this way, we get the chance to get a closer look at the locals’ real life: women wearing coloured dresses and carrying around heavy goods (and we thought that our 7kgs backpacks were heavy!!!) and young ladies wearing their light blue school uniforms.

Hanging around, we end up arriving at Freddie Mercury’s home… he was for sure the VIP of the island!

But we are mainly attracted by the noisy and chaotic markets where, among fresh vegetables and smelly fish, we meet nice smiling faces.

The white buildings like the Palace Museum (Beit al-Sahel) and the spicy food contribute to give Stone Town an oriental charm.

It’s really hot, we spent a lot of time trying to find the way out from the city center’s narrow roads and we are by the sea (does anyone know why the sea makes you always feel hungry?!?!) … It’s definitely time to find something for dinner.

The night market at the Forodhani Gardens looks like a great choice! While walking around food stalls, we notice a sign: “ZANZIBAR PIZZA”.

We are Italian so we can’t miss the chance to try a pizza!! On top of that the pizza maker has a nice face and he is nicknamed Mr Nutella…

The ingredients of the salty pizza are: meat, eggs, vegetables etc… everything fried in a pan full of oil.

It has nothing in common with the Italian pizza but it’s really tasty and we love it!

Ps: There’s also a sweet option… try to guess what Mr Nutella put in it?!?!? 



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