Like popstars in Borobudur – Indonesia

If you’ve always dreamed of being in the spotlight like soccer players or popstars, then you have to take a tour around here.
We are in one of the highlights of Indonesia: the temple of Borobudur.

Needless to say how exciting it is to visit one of the wonders of the planet..
We come here with our inseparable backpack and a scooter (rented in the guesthouse of yogyakarta) and we’re immediately attacked by an impressive crowd of Indonesians!


borobudur selfie

Yes, clearly tourists around here have a particular effect, almost of veneration.
Firstly a couple, then a bunch of kids, then an entire group of students! Everyone wants to take a picture with the “strange” tourists, or maybe they find us particularly beautiful? 😉



We are just an attraction for them, something new that draws their attention.. something different from the routine of a life the seems always the same in who knows what village or Indonesian countryside..
And at the end of the day, we all have a reation to what is new and different.. What makes them different from us? Nothing.. If we love traveling so deeply, it is because we are so deeply similar to them.


selfie borobudur


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