The Fort of Agra: what to see in Agra when the Taj Mahal is closed?

Agra is famous for the beautiful Taj Mahal… but what can you do if you are in Agra on a Friday when the Taj is closed?

What are the main attractions? Monuments? Places not to be missed?

In the video below we take you to Agra and its Fort!

If you have a vivid imagination, try to follow us in this bizarre post on the Agra fort, a place absolutely not to miss…
agra forte india

August, it’s hot and there is no wind, open the window to find some refreshment and the options are:

1) You live in an apartment of 50 sqm and you have a beautiful view of the sheets that the neighbour laid out to dry.

2) You live in the fort of Agra and in front of you, when you look outside the window, the Taj Mahal appears in all its beauty!

In this second case, you would be an emperor locked in this golden prison by your son who wants to take power… Perhaps a little hard to imagine!

agra forte india

But try to imagine that you have 380000 sqm divided between gardens, mosques and halls made of white marble, harem and red sandstone buildings… Would you consider this a prison?? Particularly if compared with a two-rooms apartment of 50 sqm!
The Fort of Agra is located in the old part of the city and you just need to pay the 500 rupees of the entrance ticket, to live for a few hours like a moghul emperor!

agra forte india

You’ll have to share the fort with other tourists, many of them Indians, but with all that space you won’t even notice… and then you’ll have a chance to take some selfies in a magical place, while you’re wandering around beautiful terraces, marble halls or red sandstone buildings!
The Fort of Agra is absolutely not to be missed when you come to this town for the famous Taj Mahal.

agra forte india

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