What to see in Delhi – Majnu Ka Tilla: when you find Tibet in India

India: Traffic, horns, cows, Gange river.

Tibet: Dalai Lama, temples, nature and Brad Pitt

A little reductive as descriptions? Definitely yes!Majnu
But honestly, these are the first images we can think of when we talk about these two countries.

You will therefore understand our amazement when we realized that even in New Delhi we could find a corner of Tibet.

It is called Majnu ka Tilla and it is located north of the Delhi old town, a few km from the metro stop Vidhan Sabha.

majnu ka tilla Delhi india

It is a small Tibetan colony, made of houses, restaurants and shops built around a main square with a Buddhist temple and a small monastery.

And since it’s the same the world over, even in Majnu ka Tilla you’ll find old ladies seated on the benches of the main square chatting and observing tourists!

majnu ka tilla Delhi india

This Tibetan Colony rises on the banks of the river and is an oasis of tranquillity… especially if compared to the chaotic and noisy streets of Delhi!

The rhythm of the days at Majnu Ka Tilla seems to be quiet and relaxed. These narrow streets are filled with stalls selling typical Tibetan Flags, various incense and other traditional objects.

It is the ideal destination to relax your ears from the city’s horn and to escape for a few hours from the ubiquitous drivers of tuk tuk!

majnu ka tilla Delhi indiaIf this mix between India and Tibet is not enough and you are supporters of the melting pot, we recommend eating in one of the restaurants offering Indian-Tibetan-Chinese-Asian Cuisine!

There are several places, all with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. We chose a restaurant open since 1840 that makes really delicious momo (dumplings)!!

majnu ka tilla Delhi india

That’s how we found a corner of Tibet in New Delhi and we felt in love with it!

Have you ever been there’ What’s your experince? What do you think about Majnu Ka Tilla?

We are really looking forward to reading your stories.


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