Reasons to visit the isle of Langkawi – Malaysia: beaches, nature, food

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Langkawi is the queen of the 99 islands of the archipelago, but it is also the fourth stage of our journey.
Among strong thunderstorms, sunny days and spectacular sunsets, we were enchanted by its beauty and we decided to spend 7 days there.
The white beaches, the green forests and the sweet hills, Langkawi is worth visiting for a few days while in Malaysia.
But before talking about the best things to see, just a few useful info.
* Langkawi is reached with a ferry that leaves every hour from Kuala Perlis (18 RM-1 hour) or from Kuala Kedah (23 RM-1.45 hour) (we arrived from one and returned to the other). The ferry arrives on the island in Kuah, a small town in the south east.
* The real centre of the island is Pantai Cenang where you find the most tourist beach, various local and tourist restaurants and most hostels, hotel and resort.
* On the island there are no public transports, only taxi / Uber / Grab. The best way to visit Langkawi is renting a motorbike. It is very simple as the shops are a bit everywhere in Kuah (Port of arrival of ferries) and in Pantai Cenang, the island’s tourist centre. The cost is about 30 rm per day (just over 6 EURO). Another positive point is that petrol is really cheap, about 2.3 rm per litre (0.50 euros).


* The island is duty-free zone but to be honest we didn’t notice much difference in the pricing.
* There are two supermarkets in Pantai Cenang. The first is Gecko, halfway between the two beaches of the town, the second one is right after the rice fields and it’s called Cenang Supermarket (easy to remember! :))
That said, here’s why we think it’s worth going to Langkawi…


Langkawi has some of Malaysia’s most beautiful beaches.
With our motorbike we explored some of them and in our top 3 we will definitely put:
Tanjung Rhu Beach: In the North East of the island, this is our favorite beach.
To reach it, drive past the roundabout in Ayer Hangat until the end of the road.
The beach is white, the atmosphere relaxed and there’s shelter too if, like Angela, you get easily sunburned.
A few boats leave tourists to take a bath here, but apart from this little detail, it is really a beautiful place and the view on the islets opposite is priceless, especially at sunset.
Skull Beach: much smaller and more intimate than the previous one, this beach certainly deserves a visit for its peace and tranquility.
No organized tour boat, no noisy water sports and no parachutes landing behind your back, just sea and sun. The only drawback is that from 16:00 onwards the beach is in the shade.
Tengah Beach: It is the continuation of the Pantai Cenang beach, but definitely quieter. With low tide, from this beach you can reach a smaller one where unfortunately at the moment there are works in progress. On this beach we saw giant jellyfish (the size of a cat), and understood why it’s better to swim inside the areas protected by nets.
At the entrance of the beach, among the stalls selling boat trips or racing with water bikes, there’s a small food stall that sells excellent soups with noodles and a tasty iced coffee.


We were told Langkawi was a very touristic island and so we expected to find skyscrapers and huge resorts everywhere.
Luckily, the tourist part is concentrated only in some parts of the island that remains largely wild and therefore a pleasure to visit riding a bike. To spend a morning away from the beach, we recommend the Seven wells waterfall that you reach with a short and easy walk. From the waterfall, climbing a few steps, you’ll get to a bridge with a beautiful view on the surrounding hills and the coast.

Who does not suffer from vertigo and wants a view of the island really from the top, should try the cable car and from there access a kind of Tibetan Bridge suspended between the hills. The attraction is very popular and can be a bit crowded.


In Langkawi the night market is every night in a different town on the island.
We have been to the one in Pantai Cenang that you can easy reach from the main street (better ask for directions on how to get there).
We tasted good food at a very low price. To give you an idea: with only 12 RM (about 2.50 euros) we took a chicken roti, a dish of fried noodles, 3 egg rolls and a huge dessert similar to a pancake filled with nuts and sweet corn.
Absolutely not to miss when you go to Langkawi!
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