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serviceYou can’t say you tried the Sri Lankan kitchen, if you never tasted the street food.
The words “Street food” are not enough to describe this kind of meal because you can find it almost everywhere: trains, buses, beaches, city centres ecc… In Sri Lanka if the traveller doesn’t stop at the service area, it’s the service area that goes to the traveller.

We couldn’t miss the chance to try the street food and that helped us to get a closer look to the habits of people leaving on the island.

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Trains in Sri Lanka are panoramic but really really slow and the journey could take ages. Luckily, the effort is paid by a deliciously tasting experience… just wait for one of the guys walking along the train and shouting something in Sri Lankan. In his huge basket, he is carrying yummy Bonda and Vada. 100 rupies for 10 balls, a chilli pepper and a smile… We fell in love with the strange “fried doughnut” made with vegetables and spices: a taste explosion!


Buses in Sri Lanka run very very fast and the driver generally thinks he is a F1 pilot.
A long bus journey could be very exhausting, considering that generally there’s loud music throughout the trip!
How did we survive? Eating a sweet boiled corn.
Where did we get it? During the journey, in the middle of nowhere, the bus stopped on the side of the road. Many people started to get on the bus and they were shouting to sell their goods… we could buy almost everything: lottery tickets, magazines, books but also chips, curry in a bag and our sweet corn!
The 3rd kind of street food we tried is the ROTI.
Made with eggs, cheese or vegetables, it’s a bit spicy and simply delicious… We decide to eat it on the beach and that was one of the best experience we made in Sri Lanka.
We tried to understand how it was made, but the best way to discovery the secret was to go “behind the scenes”. It’s hard to describe the process but this video will show everything.
The guy has an amazing manual dexterity… for us, he is the real Masterchef Sri Lanka! 😊



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